Never Shaving Again

Karina isn’t afraid to let it all hang out. She knows what she’s got and how it came to be. One night she was in the bath shaving her snatch for the ten thousandth time when she finally decided she would never ever shave her snatch again. And that was that.

Since then she’s had a full hairy pussy!

Karina bushy snatch kitchen chair42

She never really thought of it much, but the hairier her pussy got, the more of a turn on it was for her. No one knew she had a hairy pussy; She felt like she had a kinky secret that no one knew about it. It was a huge turn on…

And there was masturbating with her pussy… When she masturbated with her hairy pussy it was a huge turn on, making her wet every time…. She loved playing with her pubic hair!

Karina bushy snatch kitchen chair43

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