Never Ever Shaved

Monica is a little hairy all over… And being a little bit hairy is a beautiful thing.

Monica hairy bitch62

When she was growing up Monica was too afraid to shave and her parents never tried to force her. She just never shaved. Now years later she’s one hot hairy bitch!

No turning back now!

Not Shaving Any More

She’s hot and she knows it. And chicks that know they are hot are the dangerous ones.

Her name is Klea and she’s got attitude. She’s out there. She’s like “This is who I am” and you can take it or leave it. She’s got a hairy pussy. She loves her hairy pussy. Men either need to accept her as she is or get lost. Because she’s not about to start shaving again.

Klea bushy snatch61

From all angles her hairy pussy looks beautiful… And it grows out perfectly!

Klea bushy snatch62

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