When Pubic Hair Was The Rule

Talk about a slice of MILF perfection…. It’s hot when teens don’t shave their pussys because they don’t remember a time when no one shaved anything and pubic hair was the rule, not the exception. But the MILFs remember when they weren’t forced to shave their snatch to conform with society.

And every now and then you find one who tried shaving her pussy bare, only to go back to not shaving!

Tatum hot slut bushy cunt103

We know exactly what kind of woman Tatum is, huh? She’s the kind of MILF that will never shave her pussy again!

Washing Her Hairy Pussy

She was about to pop into the shower for a quickie when she pulled her panties down around her thighs. That’s when she remember she hasn’t shaved her pussy hair in a long, long time… And she’s got a hairy pussy.

She was reminded when she pulled down her panties and it sort of pricked her just a little tiny bit. It was a cute reminder and a huge turn on.

Sonya bushy pussy shower time#

Now that she’s got her panties around her knees it’s time to wash her hairy pussy!

Redheaded Pussy Hairy

Red heads are always sexy in their own special way, and finding real redheads that are good looking are smoking hot.

Finding a red head that doesn’t shave her pussy is difficult. And it’s a beautiful sight when you find one!

Scarlett red bushy pussy56

Finding a red headed teen with a hairy pussy where her pussy hair matches the hair on her head… That’s impossible! In this case, the curtains match the carpet!

Hot And Hairy Puss

Maybe it’s because she always wanted to be different. And she felt different with her sexy hairy pussy!

Sasha super bushy cunt115

When she walks around the mall she imagines all of the women naked, and all of them shave their damn pussys. But not Shasha. She’s different. She’s got a hairy puss. She loves her hairy puss – it makes her stand out even more, even if so few people ever get to see it!

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Super Hairy Snatch

When Santy bent over in her sexy little thong it was pretty fucking obvious that she had a super hairy snatch

Santy bent over hairy bush31

And the more clothes she took off the hotter it got too! That’s one sexy hairy snatch this teen hottie has!

Santy bent over hairy bush32

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Hot And Hairy

Nomi didn’t tell her boyfriend that she had a hairy snatch. They were fumbling around in the dark when he slipped his hands down her panties. Imagine his surprise!

Lucky for him he was a bit older and he still remembers the golden days when all women had lots and lots of pubic hair on their pussys!

Nomi bushy cunt17

Those days might be gone but a select few women still like to have hairy pussys!!!

Hot Sexy Hairy Pussy

For Nixi, the more hair she has on her pussy the happier she is. She loves the hairy pussy. It’s like a bad of honor for her. And the longer it grows out and the longer her pubic hair gets, the more it’s doing for her. She gets really turned on by playing with her pubic hair!

Nixi loves her hairy cunt35

This hairy bitch should start a hairy pussy hair club!

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Never Ever Shaved

Monica is a little hairy all over… And being a little bit hairy is a beautiful thing.

Monica hairy bitch62

When she was growing up Monica was too afraid to shave and her parents never tried to force her. She just never shaved. Now years later she’s one hot hairy bitch!

No turning back now!

She’ll Never Shave Again

Just from her tats along you can tell Luca was never the shy or bashful type. And she has no problems forcing herself on men.

The best part is when she pulls off her panties and they see her sexy hairy snatch for the first time. For most men it’s a first time for them – it’s not often they get to see a hairy pussy!

Luca shows off bushy pussy38

But Luca will never shave… That’s just the type of girl she is!

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Lana’s Hairy Snatch

Lana was watching TV when she decided to get naked. Getting naked takes on a whole new meaning for Lana because she’s got a hairy snatch. Being naked turns women on no matter what, but it goes deeper for Lana. Knowing her hairy pussy is exposed turns her on and makes her pussy wet!

LanaB bushy beaver99

Which is another reason she loves her hairy pussy. When her pussy is wet, she love sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy to get her pussy hair wet too!

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